One of the Best Edmonton Pests Control Service Providers

Armour Pest Control is a pest control service in Edmonton and has been in operation for some decades. They are one of the most trusted Edmonton pest control service providers in the whole of Canada. Not only do they provide services in pest control but have even given courses on pests control at local colleges and have a lot of experience at controlling pests.

Being infested with rodents and insects is not only annoying but they are also a dread to the safety of our homes, properties and workplaces. Above all, they can be of grave danger to our well-being and good health. Rodents and insects are found to be perfect carriers of viral and bacterial pathogens and parasites and have the possibility of contaminating our surroundings and environments.

Some stinging insects have toxins that are even capable of inducing shock in a victim. Moreover, their faeces, body fluids and urine are highly infected with bacteria and can be fatal to both animals and humans. Exposure to them can lead to serious health problems; therefore it is imperative that proper pest control management be carried out.

Armour Exterminators Edmonton provides one of the best Edmonton pests control service and work to give full customer satisfaction. Their exterminators work with dedication and manage every situation with supreme professionalism with the objective to deliver excellent results. The owner of the company is the sole operator and hence you can be assured of the best possible service.

This Edmonton pest control service provider treats every kind of rodents and insects with the exclusion of termites. It is a government licensed company and use only those products that are approved by the government. As an approach to protect the identity and confidentiality of the customers, the company use vehicles that are unmarked and normally their professionals don’t have a uniform code. Armour Pest Control can provide you with solutions that are cost-effective and consistent. You can rely on them to address your problems and keep you safe from pest infestations.


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