Hijab as style and religion

Islam is considered one religion that is conservative and proud of their values. Their cultures and traditions have influenced clothing style too. Form the ancient times Muslims are seen wearing a different style of clothing. Burka and hijab are very common among their people. Muslims women are believed to wear hijab as to follow their traditions since ancient times. From a very young age, Muslims girls are advised to wear hijab from the puberty onwards. When it comes to their traditions and culture Muslims are very strict and committed to following their culture and beliefs. And women wearing hijab is one tradition among many which are practice even today.

As the time changes the conservative approach of the Muslims have slightly relaxed. Their wearing is now stylish and elegant but at the same time, they maintain their modesty as well. Abaya is one of the most types of garments that Muslims women use. There are some people who debate of wearing hijab as a sign of oppression. But some women gracefully wear it to show their respect for their tradition and their Allah. Women are now used to wearing hijab with confidence in their workplace or publically. They respectfully flaunt their style of wearing burkas and hijab. Now even the ladies going to colleges are seen wearing hijab very comfortably and gracefully.

There were times when hijab was all black in colour with no style in it. No one knew or even imagine that fashion could change this clothing style. Nowadays trendy hijab is fully in with different styles, patterns and also colours. Fashion has brought drastic changes in different styles of hijab. College-going ladies can go for colourful hijab whereas old-aged people can go for something dark and sober colours.

Now women are given liberty to choose their styles of hijab according to their choice. There are some non-Muslim ladies who wear burkas just to experiment the fashion and they love it.



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